– Shop Your Way Mastercard – If you’ve got a Shop Your Way card and need assistance getting it activated, this page is for you. Customers of Sears and Kmart will like the Shop Your Way cards. The goal of this card is to keep and entice clients with a variety of incentives and rebates. - Shop Your Way Mastercard – Shop Your Way Mastercard

Customers of Sears and Kmart should take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. This card was designed by Sears and Kmart with the help of Citibank in order to reward consumers who regularly shop at the business. In addition to the purchase at the business, this card offers rewards for your everyday purchases, such as petrol and other necessities.

It’s up to you whether or not you have this card to take advantage of the benefits. Activating your card is required before you can take advantage of the perks. So, if you have any questions on how to activate your card, feel free to ask. What kind of incentives and money can you get? You’ve arrived to the correct location. - Shop Your Way Mastercard

Benefits of Shop Your Way Cards at

  • There is no annual charge on credit cards, which is one of the key advantages. These cards are quite easy on the wallet since the stress of carrying about cash has been minimized.
  • At a fueling station, you may earn 5 percent Shop Your Way points on qualifying purchases. So, if you’re a frequent petrol guzzler, these cards are a no-brainer!
  • As a bonus for foodies, you may earn 3% Shop Your Waypoints on your supermarket and restaurant expenditures.
  • Get a 2% discount at the retailer, such as Sears or Kmart, if applicable.
  • There’s also a possibility to have 1% of your purchases credited to your Shop Your Way points total!
  • You may obtain a $40 statement credit if you spend $50 or more on certain items within 30 days of activating your card.

What do you think of these incentives and benefits? I’m sure you’ll find them fascinating. In order to use the above-mentioned benefits, you must first activate your account. - Shop Your Way Mastercard

Shop Your Way Cards May be Activated with a Phone Call

You’re having problems with the online procedure, aren’t you? No worries, you may activate your card by phone as well. To use this line, just dial 1-877-816-9063. When you contact, a customer service professional will walk you through the activation process.

Do what the instructions tell you to do and give the necessary information. It will take around two to three hours to activate once you finish filling out the form. You’ll get a notice soon enough.

Please make sure you have all of your personal information on hand so that the activation procedure goes as smoothly as possible. To activate your phone, you’ll need the same information that was used to activate your account online.


Shop Your Way Card was the focus of this discussion. You may simply get your hands on one since the requirements are so low. You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States in order to participate in this competition.

Late payment fees, cash transfer fees, and other charges for Shop Your Way Cardholders may be found on the company’s website. Please read the fine print before making any purchases.

There are two ways to pay your bills: via mail or online. I hope this post has given you a better understanding of how to activate your card and the advantages it provides. - Shop Your Way Mastercard

Shop Your Way Mastercard FAQs

  • How to activate my Sears card online?

Answer – Sears Card Activation (Account holder’s name as it appears on the card; birth date; credit card number; and 3-digit security code.) Simply fill out the required fields and click “Submit”. In a matter of seconds, the activation process will be complete.

  • Which website you should check out?

Answer – Shop Your Way MasterCard Login at Co-branded credit cards issued by Citi bank may now be accessed by Sears Shop Your Way® credit cardholders by visiting

  • How to activate my government travel card?

Answer – Make use of your brand-new travel card by activating it. Please make certain that your new Citibank card is enabled if you use a government travel charge card. Click here to activate your card or contact CITI at (877) 905-1861 to activate your card over the phone. There is a new GTCC supplier in place as of May 6, 2021: Citibank.

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